Awesome. Inspired. Engaged.. Words used by educators and students to describe this assembly.

Our Show

  • Are your students and educators using words like Awesome, Inspired, and Engaged to describe your school assemblies? These are real descriptors found in the testimonials of principals, PTA organizers, students and teachers after our program.
  • During this highly interactive assembly, appropriate for the Elementary through Middle School audience, the Flowstyle BMX team addresses the important topics of goal-setting and perseverance while also introducing bullying, health and fitness, and diversity to bring together a holistic message. The team will work with you to incorporate your school messaging to ensure we are communicating what is most important to your student body.
  • “This is awesome,” Fulton principal Jill Martin said as her wide-eyed students cheered wildly. “The earlier we can get kids to recognize bullying and how it affects them, the sooner they’ll start thinking about how to stop it.”
  • King art teacher Joe Garfinkel said he thought the show was one of the best assemblies the school has had. He said he thought the students would take the messages of the riders to heart. “The tricks these guys do really gets the attention of the kids, which is key for students this young,” he said. “Telling kids to block out the distractions and negativity is a great approach to bullying prevention.”
Goal Setting
Practical tips for setting and following goals sets the stage for a persistent theme of “work to achieve"
Engaging students on the topic of hard work and focus while physically demonstrating the message that success is earned not won
Bullying Prevention
The holistic approach to this assembly ties all topics into the Anti-Bully theme with simple messaging to support this complex topic. Stephen shares his experiences on his climb and delivers a relatable story.
As competing athletes, health and fitness is paramount to success and who better to interact on this topic but professional athletes
Connecting with students on bicycle and personal safety to ensure when students go home, they bring safety to all of their activities
Celebrating diversity and acknowledging the importance of our individual uniqueness

Flowstyle BMX Trick Team

  • The Flowstyle BMX team has been delivering inspirational assemblies for over a decade. Entertaining your students while conveying important messages, this interactive assembly will quickly become a school favorite with your students and administration.
  • Led by X-Games alumnus, Stephen Cerra, the team will demonstrate challenging BMX tricks that will impress your audience and connect with your students to leave a lasting impact.

A Relatable Personality

Stephen’s story of his climb to Professional athlete is relatable to students. Stephen shares stories about his rise to X-Games competitor to help students understand that every climb requires hard work and many “crashes” along the way. Students easily relate to Stephen often not recognizing that he isn’t one of them since he is riding a bike and speaking on pertinent issues.

Stephen’s Story: Students connect with my story because I’ve been bullied and had to overcome this and other challenges on my journey. When I moved to Los Angeles to pursue my dream of becoming a professional BMX athlete, I was only living there 6 weeks when I encountered a violent interaction with a bully. I had to make a hard decision between giving up my dream and returning to my home in PA or continuing my path in Los Angeles. I share this story of bullying and perseverance during my assemblies.

BMX Icon

Stephen Cerra is a BMX Flatland rider, motivational speaker and accomplished athlete. He is a four-time X Games competitor, member of the Coca-Cola Hall of Fame, and U.S. Representative to the international Red Bull Circle of Balance competition. He has made numerous television appearances on Fox Sports 2 and ESPN and has been seen in television and print advertising for Coca-Cola, Nike, and Ecko.

Stephen began competing at the professional level in 1998 and has been awarded top finishes at prestigious events like the ESPN X-Games, ESPN X-Trials, Asian X-Games, Hoffman Bikes CFB, M&M-Mars Games, FISE, and Flatland World Series. In his 20+ year career, Stephen has appeared in countless BMX magazines and videos and represented the U.S. BMX community at events across the world. Stephen trains daily, competes regularly and enjoys motivating the next generation.


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